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Outdoor Dinner

NEW Healthy Meal Prep! Treasure for your family 

Its a new season & time to try new things and adapt to new habits. Healthy diet may sound boring but give us a call to try our amazingly delicious ready to eat Weekly Meal Prep for the family. Love the food enough to learn how to make it yourself? BOOK a cooking lesson with the chef to acquire a new skill in 2019

Designed to give you the ultimate satisfaction 

We offer services which include private catering for intimate events, home dinners, cooking lessons & meal prep. All menu items for occasions are designed around client specification to give your palate  the ultimate satisfaction.


Our cooking lessons depending on the level of skill or the eager participant, range from learning how to make an omelette to making your own stock from scratch. 


Bookings & orders can be made online

Pork belly roast
Family dinner

“Whenever I go out to a restaurant, there's never a dish on the menu made specially for me. With Cumin every single component is my choice."